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We believe that Nebraska businesses should be able to turn to one firm to meet all their legal needs. At Koukol & Johnson, LLC, business owners rely on the superior representation we provide to help them begin new ventures, confront the challenges of day-to-day business and plan for the future. We work to meet the legal needs of our business clients at every stage of their business’ life cycle, from start-up and organization to wind up and dissolution, and everything in between.

Our attorneys have the experience and dedication to assist businesses of every size in the Omaha area with their most complex legal needs. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

We Help Business Get Off to The Right Start

Long before a new business opens its doors, there are many important steps that must be addressed. Having the counsel of a qualified lawyer can help new businesses start more quickly and with a better plan for success.

We advise business owners regarding the right corporate structure to form for a new venture. We draft bylaws, employment contracts, commercial leases and other important business formation documents. We equip our business clients with the tools they need to ensure short and long-term success.

Established Businesses Turn to Our Bellevue Commercial Law Attorneys for Their Legal Needs

The need for a lawyer can occur at any time. Even if your business is already created, our firm is ready to assist established businesses with a variety of legal needs. We counsel businesses regarding governance and regulatory compliance issues, contract issues and disputes, employment contracts, and a multitude of other areas, providing them with seasoned legal support and counsel. Business owners considering a merger or acquisition can depend on our attorneys to help them make the most of new opportunities.

We also work with businesses to ensure an orderly winding down when operations can no longer continue. Our firm is committed to helping businesses navigate every opportunity and challenge that may come their way.

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Businesses in Nebraska deserve superior legal representation to help them navigate a competitive and complex marketplace. At Koukol & Johnson, our Omaha-based business law attorneys give our clients a competitive edge for success.

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Starting the process of divorce mediation, real estate purchases or estate planning requires attention to every detail. Throughout the entire process, we remain at your side and devote our resources to ensure your personal or professional success.

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